Company Profile

Our company is one of the most earliest factory of designing ,producing saling diaphragm pump in China.

We develop our products all the time and we created the QBY , QBY3 , QBY4 and QBS model series, Our products are widely used in chemical industry, enviroment protection, oil field, pharmacy, food industry, metallurgy,  aper,electricity, printing etc.

Diaphragm pump is a new transport machinery which using the compress air as the power can absorb the corrosive liquid, liquid with particles, liquid with high viscosity, volatile flammable, poisonous.

Our company has qualify the ISO 9001 quanlity certification. The QBY3 series is the core product with the advantage of perfect design, no-sealing, explosion-proof, easy maintenance, allowing idle, light weight, self-priming,multi-material selection.

We look forward to meeting all distinguished clients and industry experts and sincerely welcome all your valuable inquiries.