Electric Displacement Pump

Electric displacement pump divides into two senes. First series: WB 1, WB2 oscillating displacement series, which mainly uses for long distance transmission to water, wharf oil transmission, pump transmission to crude oil and methyl alcohol, tank carrier oil depot disassemble, hot water recovery and circulation, pharmaceutical, brewing, chemical and petroleum etc. The max transmission medium temperature of this series is 150 °C. Second series: WBR high temperature displacement series, which is a high temperature resistance pump designed and produced by our company that professionally uses for oil refining, paper making, linoleum, petrochemical and plastic etc. At present our company is the only one which produces this series in the whole country. This pump is a valuable and useful transmission equipment refer to foreign products, with the feature of compact structure and reasonable design. It's an energy saving and environmental protection replacement product to some users who still use the steam oscillating displacement pump, suitable for hot water with temperature between 100 °C ~400 °C, hot oil sludge, heat conductivity oil or other physical and chemical property similar to oil high temperature medium. Through operation for many years and point to transmitting high temperature plastics, our company has made great improvement to the key part of this pump (such as the pump long shaft, pump body a咐single ball valve) on the original foundation.